Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delicacy 1: Claypot Chicken Rice

Seen it a lot of times but this is the second time having hands on! Hooray! *got my goggles and gloves on* haha… For this dish, you need to prepare a few normal ingredients which you can normally get in your nearby grocery stores

For a serving of 3 to 4
>3 bonesless chicken thighs and drumstick

>chicken stock
>1 spring onion
>½ a garlic
>5 chinese mushroom

>2 Chinese sausage

>Corn flour
>Teriyaki sauce
>Olive oil
>Brandy/ whisky
>Oysater Sauce
>Soya Sauce

Let’s get started!

This can be prepared one day in advance or at least half a day earlier so that it is marinated properly.

Have the bonesless chicken sliced and diced into chuck bites size (size of ½ a ping pong ball). Marinate it with 2 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of cornflour ( so that it wouldn’t be that dry), 3 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce, 3 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 table spoon of brandy or whisky.

Mixed it all up properly. Yeah! Refrigerate it.

After you are done with the chicken, let’s just continue the preparation. Chopped the garlic up, sliced the Chinese mushroom (Chinese mushroom is prepared by soaking them in hot water until they become soft), and also slice the Chinese sausage. Clean foil the prepared food and refrigerate it. Also prepare chicken stock by boiling chicken bones. (You can freeze the extra as we only need a cup on chicken stock)

1 hour before dinner, take out the marinated chicken and fry it. Here’s the important part. Use a nonstick pan, spread the chicken out evenly on the pan, and put it on high fire. Do not flip the chicken pieces for ~2-3 minutes, you want it to be brown. After that flip it over and burn it for another 2- 3 minutes. The corn flour that we added earlier will make sure it doesn’t become so dry. The trick here is that you do not want to fully cook the chicken but make it medium done only.

When you are done, take out the chicken pieces from the pan. Do not clean or change the pan. Now, put the garlic, Chinese mushroom and sausage, fry it on medium fire while constantly mixing it around. This will only take approximately 3 minutes. You do not want to burn them.


After this, take out the mushrooms and sausages and place it aside. Place 4 tablespoon of oyster sauce, 1 tablespoon of soya sauce and one cup of chicken stock into the pan and mixed it with the remaining sauce. Mixed it properly.

If it is for 3-4 person, you only need around 2 cups of rice. Wash the rice and place it in the rice cooker. Put the mushroom, sausage and the sauce with the chicken stock all in(do not put the chicken in). If there is not enough sauce, use water as replacement. Use the rice cooker to cook it… Just before the rice is cooked, when the rice starts boiling in the rice cooker, then only throw in the chicken pieces. Leave it to cook and keep warm!

Walah! Dinner is served.. Chop some spring onion and sprinkle on them if you like them.



Friday, June 11, 2010

~Let's cooK!~

Hey guys and girls, lads and ladies!

I have decided to post the ways of making homemade food, teaching u people one step at a time, so if you want to make a simple dish for your love one or just for yourself. This may come in pretty handy.

Be reminded, I am not a chef or anything, just a biotechnology student! So, it’s just simple dishes which taste quite well >.< *I hope* I will try to get the first dish up as soon as possible. *wish me luck Ya*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Wait

Tick tock on the clock! *wish it was a party but sigh*

Frustrated over the wait… Oh yeah, lets rewind. I have been waiting for this job reply for about a week to realize that I was not chosen. However, after a few days the general manager smsed saying that there is a vacancy in another business unit and asked me would I like to consider.


To arrange that interview it took another 2 weeks (because they are all over the world) and finally the interview day came. It was the scariest interview ever! The managing director sitting in front of you, and on his right, the senior sales manager and on your right is the regional sales manager… The atmosphere was... can’t find a word to describe it! The interview took around 1-2 hours. It went quite well but when he said I need to work in the lab to know more about the product, I can’t help but to give that “doubt” look. No, I don’t mind working in the lab awhile but it’s in Kluang, Johor. But after giving some thoughts onto it, I don’t mind as long as I get where I want to be in like 3-4 years time.

Now, it’s the wait again… I don’t know whether I got it or not. If I really don’t get it, it’s Masters for me. I have made my decision to leave it to faith.

Sunday, June 6, 2010



Multiple channels, I could have just simply pick the sports channel and see some basketball or football; I could even hit the cartoon channel to see some Totally spies or Ben 10 (Btw Pucca is totally adorable); I could even expand my general knowledge by seeing some news or national geography. But Noooo, I got to see HBO. P/S I love you. Exactly, why didn’t I just change the channel? Dumb right? Just the wrong movie at the wrong time. This is not about the movie, so if you would like a review about the show just go google  This is about happy ever after. Something that flew in my head suddenly.

“Why are you so childish? Just snap back to reality, this world is not a fairy tale, there is no happy ever after!” I was told before.

Then where do all these stories come from? Just the mere imagination of a writer put down in ink? If that is the case, I will marry no one else but a writer. Makes me wonder, Is it just me? Because I really believe in a “happy ever after” life and would try my very best in attaining it. I am not saying that everything you go through will be smooth, or there aren’t any bumps on the road of life (that wouldn’t be the ideal life but a “Boring please kill me” kinda life.) Hehe…

I mean it has come down to the fact that people are saying:
Why chase for IT when you know that it is something that would never happen? Let’s not plan and live day by day because nothing goes as plan. Let’s not keep our hopes high because if it doesn’t happen you will fall harder on the ground.

I don’t complement these thoughts on good values such as Maturity, experiences, wisdom? But think of it as more of a problem, Pure negative thinking.

I just believe what my guts are telling me, strive for it, chase for it. Happiness is not created to be looked upon but for us to grab hold of it. It goes the same for love, love has caused many heartaches but it has also provided belongingness, memories, happiness, and also a wonderful future. To those reading this post, cherish what you have, mend problems you have (don’t ever sweep it under the carpet- becoz when it blows! SAYONARA), always treat people how you want people to treat you.


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Bros & Sis! Thanks for all your support!

~although not proud of what you all are ACTUALLY capable of but hell ya! Thanks~

After doing so much drinking and partying these few days, it just reminded me of the first time i went clubbing, still remeber it vividly, (believe me both of us weren't high, we were dead drunk) It was one of my friend named, chern yuik who took my first... oh my... that sounds so wrong...LOL... So much have happen since then, and i just gotten attached and slowly phase out from the clubbing atmosphere. I just realised i spend even more cash when i am single rather than in a relationship!

I wonder how people actually snap photos when they are clubbing, i mean it is hard to concentrate on your surrounding but you have the time to actually take care of the camera? Real life example, Josh, there goes your wallet. Chill bro- all worth it "hang out with PR girls somemore la"... The thing is we didnt even realised anything untill we were in our car. Although it did burn a hole in my pocket, nevertheless G6 rules!

Oh yeah, last night me and a few friends of mine went to a pub in damansara. Yes very random! We were suppose to go mamak and yam cha while they hear me sulk. But instead, we went to UTOPIA, omg... don't let the name/design/band deceive you. It was horrible, the carlsberg was watered down, the PR girls were (duno what to say), band (the guy singer sux, girl singer not bad), pool table was bad. Everything was horrific! The croud was... wait there were no croud- ON A FRIDAY NGHT. The only thing i could give credit to them was their excellent service in refilling our glasses with beer. Our glasses were never empty! Sober all the way... Weng hong you better bring us to a better place next time.LOL.
Whatever temporary remedy (JD, graveyard, Dead man shots and carlsberg) may have provided me at that very moment, no alcohol could actually mend a broken heart. "So stop this shyt and fcking stand up!"... yaya Michelle i got the point.


Friday, June 4, 2010

~Haru Haru~

It's really surprising how one whole song can relate to your life, better still the feelings you are holding inside you now. Damn you Jesse McCartney! "Just so you know", Omg, exactly how i feel...

Blogging didn't really work out for me the last time-ya, we all know how it turned out last time, didn't have the patience and life is pretty much concentrated on a single person (never regretted it one bit tho). Well, really need to get my mind off things lately and decided there should be no harm blogging about life. At least try to... haha...

Well, its not the end, just live life day by day (Haru Haru)...:)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


“Why is it taking so long?”

“Why isn’t there enough stock?”

“Why is it so expensive?”

As an I-phone ambassador, it’s actually easy and common to hear people would do anything for an I-phone, cheat on their families, steal and more. “No offence, not all customers are bad”

I was preparing for my last day of work in Maxis and before I leave the house, guess what I saw on CNN.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Not people dying to BUY I-Phones, but dying to PRODUCE them…

There is even a customer who came in and said that the I-phone we are selling “all so no quality”. I was wondering why he actually made such a statement and it turned out that it is because the I-phone we sold is assembled in China. People suicide making I-Phones in China for your information. “I got a hunch that is a reason why I-phones prices are more compared to the United States”..LOl..

Why does this happen? Why are so many people dying? Starvation? I guess its in the asian gene (or more specifically the Kiasu Gene in Chinese) a small mistake and it’s the end of the world, or a tiny critic and their whole family’s honour is being tarnish. Some humiliation causes the Kamikaze affect “the world is better without me sort of thing).

What should Apple do? I mean apple is an American company, and yes it is smart of them to open up a factory in China where workforce is available and also much much affordable. However I believe that the American culture on employee’s satisfaction and how the management treats their employee should also be practiced at the same time. For instance, how google treats that workforce.